argue */*/*/

argue */*/*/
UK [ˈɑː(r)ɡju] / US [ˈɑrˌɡju] verb
Word forms "argue":
present tense I/you/we/they argue he/she/it argues present participle arguing past tense argued past participle argued
a) [intransitive] if people argue, they speak to each other in an angry way because they disagree

Those girls are always arguing!

argue with:

Don't argue with me – you know I'm right.

argue about/over:

We used to argue over who should drive.

b) [intransitive/transitive] to discuss something with someone who has a different opinion from you

The programme gives people a chance to argue their ideas.

argue about/over:

They are still arguing over the details of the contract.

2) [intransitive/transitive] to give reasons why you believe that something is right or true

Successful economies, she argues, are those with the lowest taxes.

argue for/against:

Woolf's report argued for (= supported) an improvement in prison conditions.

argue that:

Reuben opposed the new road, arguing that it wasn't worth spending $25 million to cut seven minutes off drivers' journey times.

Several people stood up to argue against (= say they do not support) moving the students to the new school.

Adverbs frequently used with argue
▪  consistently, convincingly, forcefully, passionately, persuasively, plausibly, strongly

argue someone into/out of (doing) somethingBritish to persuade someone to do/not to do something

I've managed to argue him out of going to the match.

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English dictionary. 2014.

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